An HR system for the

attractive workplace

Why HR system? Why choose Verismo HR?


An attractive workplace is created when HR and managers get the tools needed to work efficiently as well as strategically. This tool is Verismo HR.

With an HR system, you get control of the master data and you get tools that help you with the entire employee life cycle – from recruitment, hiring, onboarding, employee dialogues, performance and talent management until employment end date. The master data is saved digitally and the system can be built on and grow with your company.

The system streamlines and automates administrative tasks, while at the same time containing functions that enable strategic work for Talent Management. Everything within a digital and adaptable system.

We create a unique offer by working closer to our customers. This gives us the opportunity to offer an HR system that really streamlines your work, and helps you create an attractive workplace!


Verismo HR consists of different modules, all of which aim to digitize and streamline administrative work connected to HR. The modules contain features and processes that help you gather master data and employee information in one place. Together during one or more workshops, we identify your needs and then customize the system with the modules you will get a value from.


Since Verismo HR is scalable with modules and functions, we set up an implementation plan, schedule and plan the resources needed for each part. This means that we do not have to implement everything at the same time and instead provide the right conditions for your resources, change management and internal communication. The implementation process itself looks the same for both modules, processes and functions, it is the scope that varies.


When you use Verismo HR as an HR system, we integrate with your current and future IT systems and create a seamless and efficient handling of master data. With integrations, you avoid duplication of work and avoid entering the same information in several systems – this is instead done automatically. Payroll systems, AD, SSO, recruitment and time reporting systems are examples of customers’ usual integrations.

Safety first!

Managing employees’ master data comes with a great deal of responsibility, which we take as seriously as possible. We train our employees in security and we own our servers which are located in Stockholm. Our systems are updated only after an approval process and all data processing takes place in accordance with the law and is regulated in our data processing agreements. Of course, this also applies to the GDPR.

One of the many strengths of Verismo HR is our access right management. With role-based access rights linked to organizational permissions, we ensure that access is limited to what is necessary. These are some of the security measures we take to make both you and we feel safe.

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What do our customers say?

“We love the recruitment module. When we hire, send information to Verismo and the digital signing – it’s a luxury for us who have been using Excel and folders on the server”

Maria Eriksdotter, HR Manager at Uniguide.

“The advanced search is something we have had great use for. You can really get the information you need and looking for”

Amanda Hotz, HR manager at Boulebar.

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