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The duo Fredrik Wallén and Jonas Lindstrand have a long background in building IT systems to streamline daily work in the workplace. After coming in contact with the demand for HR systems, they discovered that something was missing on the market – an HR system that is adapted for the user!


Said and done! Fredrik and Jonas started to develop the ultimate system in 2011 and with the strong ties they have to their customers, the development towards the perfect system has only continued!

Verismo HR consists of 11 modules, which creates the opportunity to tailor an HR system that suits your company. The modules work together to streamline manual administration and digitize long-term strategic HR work.

Today, Verismo is a team that works actively to have a close relationship with customers.

Even though we are small, we compete with the large companies but maintain the personal and close contact with our customers. At the same time we deliver a system that is adapted to the customer’s needs.

Our team is committed and curious to open up new opportunities for our customers and our system. We want to simplify everyday life for the working and realize the dream of creating an attractive workplace!

“Through strong relationships and great customer understanding, we create a reality-based solution that helps our customers become an attractive workplace”

–  Fredrik Wallén, CEO Verismo HR