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In this blog you can read about trends of HR, why it´s good to have a HR system and other fun stuff about HR.


Paulig Group Paulig Group is a food company group with Risenta and Santa Maria among the corporations. With 1,900 employees spread across thirteen countries, Paulig was in need of a strong HR system enabling the global organization and decided to make Verismo the...

To lead on a distance

Here you got some tips that will help you to lead your team on a distance.

Create smooth onboardings with an HR system

Can an HR system improve your relationship with a new employee? The answer is: absolutely! An HR system can help you create a smooth onboardings for your new employee. And that will lead to strengthened relationship between you. A manager has a lot to keep track of...

Practical tips when implementing a HR system

Implementing a HR system is a long-term corporation together with the supplier. There are a lot of different systems on the market, and therefore it can be a challenge to know where to start. To make it a little bit easier for you, we have collected some practical tips when implementing a HR-system.

Work strategic – Not administrative

Countless of Excel spreadsheets, Word templates, and printed onboarding checklists – do you recognize yourself? We are now explaining how we help HR become a strategic partner!

Stop worrying about GDPR

Three reasons why you don’t need to worry about GDPR, with the help of Verismo HR