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Finding appropriate compensation levels and benefit distribution becomes easier if you can see the bigger picture. This module provides conditions for a structured and strategic compensation management. Different roles in the organisation can be given compensation levels, and bonus models can be defined. Graphs show differences between for example departments or offices.


Integrate with your company’s internal or external payroll system and collect basic salary, benefits and payments in one place. Create a benefit portal for different countries and choose to customize or generalize the benefits. Select currency and see employee’s total salary compensation/year.


  • Base pay and salary
  • Benefits and supplements
  • One-time payments

Salary Revision

Create salary review suggestions for different departments and on individual level. Get an overview of employees, current basic salary, agreement increase and eventual further suggested increase. See the new salary proposal total and let HR or managers approve.


  • Performance and potential
  • Team proposals
  • Accumulated approvals

Bonus & Incentives

Manage incentive and STI programs, review estimates and calculate outcomes as well as bonuses. Create compensation reports for each country and administer and assign a compensation level to all employees’ payroll components.


  • Incentive program management
  • Simulation of outcomes
  • Approvals and pay outs

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Core is the core of Verismo HR. Organisational structures, employee data, demographics and statistics.
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