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The module Core HR is at the core of Verismo HR. Here you can see organisational structures and employee demographics, you can manage different business areas and present statistics through useful reports. There are also advanced search functions, with the possibility to search for an employee for example by age, gender, role, language skills and/or competence.

Organization Structures

The organization chart gives you an overview of the organizational structure, which includes geographic organization of countries and their locations. You will also see the legal organization presented from cost perspective.


  • Business, legal, geographical and functional view
  • Manager assignments
  • Reporting relationships

Head Count

Verismo HR collects all data for employees in a company, divided into departments, divisions, groups or at individual level. Sort by different categories and types or look for missing data.


  • Companies and divisions
  • Functions and locations
  • Categories and types


Help new employees to get the right start with a custom made introduction. All the work equipment in place, meetings are booked and courses prepared already before the person starts. Also, use it when an employee switches role or exit the company.


  • Onboarding
  • Crossboarding
  • Offboarding

Employee Master Data

Collect the employee’s Master Data in one place including basic information, address, closest relatives and more. If needed, you can upload documents, CVs and health checks. Add work equipment for different roles and attach individual agreements.


  • Employee life cycle
  • Emergency contact, health care and CV’s
  • Work equipment

Holiday & Absense

In Holiday & Absence, employees can submit applications for different sorts of absences, while the manager or HR easily approves or rejects. The employee’s holiday quota is clearly displayed and the manager gets an overview of the departments and their subordinates’ absences.


  • Absence management
  • Applications and approvals
  • Holiday quotas


Manage the entire recruitment flow from need to employment. Keep track of open applications, create and manage a recruitment and give ratings to applicants. Use pre-made templates for ads and questions, as well as in correspondence with candidates. Find relevant talent in the candidate pool.


  • Recruitment approvals
  • Ads and questions
  • Selection and hiring

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