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The Course module manages and administrate courses, applications, files, surveys, invitations and much more connected to courses.

Completed courses and certifications are collected on the employee’s profile, and for those who have course requirements for different roles will easily overview where to take action.

Build a course catalog

The course catalog is the place where all courses are managed, course owners are appointed, e-course content is uploaded and course occasions with appointed course leaders are planned.

Courses can also be used to define requirements in job families and roles and award certifications after completed and approved course opportunities.

Before the course, participants can access course material and send in feedback or other questionnaires after the course.

E-course content

E-course content – by attending an e-course in our system, the employee can complete the course in their browser.

When the employee is finished, we can track who performed the e-course, when it was performed and whether the employee is approved or not.

If the employee is approved, the course ends up as completed in their talent profile. Our LMS supports e-courses with TinCan standard format.

Get reports and upload documents to participants

For training administrators and course owners, there are reports that are used to show how many and which employees have completed courses during a defined period of time and how many need to complete it based on set requirements.

For employees, future course opportunities are gathered in an overview where they can easily apply for participation or be invited by course administrators.

Upload documents that participants can read before, during and after the courses and after the course, questionnaires are sent out for feedback or other information.

Included in the Course module

Simple LMS

Course occations

Course requirements


Upload e-course content

Surveys before, during and after the course

Files and documents

Course Administrators

Course Reports