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Employee dialogue

The purpose of employee dialogues is to develop oneself and the organization, a development that can take place in interaction between manager and employee.

Employee dialogue are among the most important tool a manager has.

It’s a great way to build trust with each person on their team and set important goals that make employees grow, but it’s not always easy to get right.

Having continuous employee dialogues with your employees is an important way to gain deep insight
into how they feel about their work, about the manager’s leadership and about the organization.

It is a great opportunity to exchange feedback as well and support them in their personal growth.

The tools for success with employee dialogues

In Verismo HR, HR and administrators create different templates that managers and employees can use to support each meeting.

Monthly reminders are sent out to have continuous meetings and HR have the opportunity to get an overview of how many have had their meetings.

The dialogues are collected on the employee’s profile with access right requirements for the participants. This means that only the people who were participants in the meeting have access to the notes.

Create templates

HR and administrators can create templates to standardize requested dialogues, or to provide support to managers and employees.

Create templates for example, 1: 1, salary reviews, development,
rehabilitation, work environment or conflict management.

The monthly employee interviews such as 1: 1 or performance reviews can then form the basis for the annual performance evaluation where both the employee and the manager have access to the notes.

Included in the Employee Dialogue module

Create different templates

Save dialogues on the employee profile

Manager and employees can start conversations and take notes



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