The Employee module, together with the Organization module, is the center of Verismo HR,
what we call Core. The employee module includes internal and external employees and all the master data and information that it brings.

The data and information create control over the current situation and gather history and tools to predict the future. The master data is the foundation of your organization and the key to a successful business.

Get control of the master data

By gaining control of master data, all information is gathered in one place. Such as the employee’s life cycle and its history, employment start day, trial period end date, automatic e-mails at birthdays and internal job changes.

It also creates an overall picture of department heads and their direct reporting, the current workforce, active processes and reports with statistics on gender, age, salary and much more.

Everyone gets their own profile

All employees get their own profile where they can find and update their personal information. The profile contains the employee’s role description, compensation package and employment contract, and through self-service, personal information can be updated, such as bank account, address or ICE-contacts. Managers have access to their directly reporting employees via their profile and can handle compensation packages, employee dialogues and talent profiles.

Included in the Employee module

Employment contracts

Work certificate

Work equipment

Manager settings and access rights

Employee master data

Job catalogue

Employee reports

Individual role description

Individual compensation

Collective agreements