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Hiring, onboarding, exit

Verismo HR handles the entire employee’s life cycle with a smooth, digital and automatic way of working. The processes merge into each other in a seamless way and include the information that is relevant for each part.

Hiring process with digital signing

During the hiring process, personal data is collected from the employee to create a profile, write agreements and send information emails. The employee is involved via a newcomer form where he or she fills in personal information such as social security number, telephone number, address, ICE, bank details etc.

The form can also contain custom fields such as allergies, attachments, shoe size or other practical information that is automatically sent back to the system. In this way, the risk of the personal information ending up in e-mail baskets or manual files with incorrect access rights is minimized.

In the meantime, the manager or HR fills in the remaining information regarding employment, compensation, work tools, vacation days and other important parts. The manager or HR chooses contracts, voucher packages and signing parties.
When the signing is complete, the agreement is saved on the employee’s profile.

For digital signee we currently integrate with:

Contracts and attachment packages

In Verismo, you create your own employment agreements, customize the look, logo and font.
Select settings for when which agreement should be actively valid for collective agreements, employee levels, countries and formats.

You can connect a majority of attachment to each contract, for example policies, information documents or guidelines.
The attachments may be mandatory to read and will then be signed during the signing process.

Onboarding and crossboarding

When the hiring process is complete, the onboarding process starts. The purpose of the onboarding process is to create a good start for the new employee and has a crucial role for well-being and long-term perspective.

The onboarding process can involve both manager and employee through checklists or information pages, information emails and reminders. It is HR and the administrators who build the onboarding to ensure quality and they have the opportunity to adapt different templates to role, employee level, location or country.

Even with internal job changes or role changes, there may be a need for an introduction which we call this crossboarding. Crossboarding works in the same way as an onboarding and can involve both the manager and employees with checklists and information pages.

Exit process

Regardless of the reason for an exit, it is important that the process is smooth and efficient. The manager can get a checklist to collect work equipment, book exit dialogue and write work certificates. In connection with the end date, HR, IT and payroll and other important recipients are informed with automatic email sending with customized content.