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Holiday and absence

Employees will be absent from the workplace for many different reasons and it is important that both employees and HR have an overview and control over the management so that nothing goes wrong.

Verismo HR provides processes for applying for, approving and withdrawing holidays and absences.

Automatic application process

The general principle of the process is that the employee himself applies for a holiday or add absence via his profile. The employee chooses dates and reasons and depending on the absence type, he can easily see remaining vacation days and history.

When the employee applies for absence, an automatic process is created where the manager can approve or reject the absence.

When planning a holiday, the manager can see an overview of the department or his team to control the staffing.

Settings by country

Holidays and absence types are activated for configuration by country and are available to employees with employment in each country.

The configuration handles the countries different settings for remaining vacation days, saved vacation days, number of standard vacation days, application to move vacation days and more.

In reports, HR gets access to an overview of the entire organization’s holiday and absence.

Included in the Holiday and Absence module

Holiday management

Absence management

Overview of department or team

Manage holiday and absence types

Manage holiday quota types

Process overview