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Why HR-system – Why Verismo HR?

An attractive workplace can be created if HR and managers get the tools needed to work effectively and strategically. This tool is Verismo HR.

The system increase effectivity as well as automates administrative tasks. Also, it contains functions which make strategic Talent Management work possible. Everything in one digital and customizable system.

By working closer to our customers we aim to create a unique experience. When doing so we get the possibility to present you an HR-system which make your daily work more efficiently and help you create an attractive workplace!

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The core of Verismo HR. Master data, organization management, holiday and absence.
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Develop the employees with the help of a gap analysis for current roles, succession and future roles.
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Set challenging but realistic goals that increases both motivation and performance.
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Handle compensation and benefits for a strategic compensation management.
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With a low learning threshold you can start using Verismo HR immediately.


With Verismo HR you can add modules, activate features and easily change size of the solution.


Verismo HR holds a high level of security in both technical and organizational matters, complying with GDPR.

Best Practice

When you need to start your journey with Verismo HR quickly, we offer you the systems Best Practice. Here we have collected processes, templets and content ready for an effective organization.


Verismo HR contains competenses, job catalouge and reports.


Over 30 completed and predefined processes for efficient HR talent management work.


With completed templates it is easy to implement data.


We are committed to take all aspects of security seriously.


All data processing is done in compliance with the law and regulated in our Data Processing Agreement. System capabilities ensure data subject rights and privacy from a controller perspective. All major events and actions are logged. In case of a breach we send out a notification.

Organisational access

With role based access rights connected to organizational belonging we ensure access is limited to what is necessary. In line with Privacy by Design, access is denied until explicitly granted and the strictest privacy settings apply by default.

General security

Complete customer data separation by own dedicated instance on database. The data is stored on our own servers in Stockholm. We do not use sub-processors and all employees are given the same security awareness training. The system is updated only after going through an approval process.


Verismo HR offers a unique API which every system can collect data from with simplicity. Additionally, we have several ready integrations with known systems, and constantly making new ones. So you can feel safe that Verismo HR will be integrated with all your relevant systems.


Verismo HR provides information in payroll integrations on new employees in general and their compensation details in particular. Compensation changes can also be imported from payroll systems.


In integrations with ERP systems Verismo HR can exchange organisation and employee data to provide a solid foundation for business decisions.


With the ADFS integration users get easy and secure access to Verismo HR using their regular AD user accounts. No need to handle additional passwords.


With 8 years of experience from implementing systems in complex organizations, you can be confident in an efficient implementation. Depending on your size and your need we have two different implementation alternatives.

Ready To Use

The solution is Ready to Use, while configurations still are available. Import organization & employee data, send invites – and you are ready to go live!

Pre-Study and Full Implementation

Tailored solution proposal after three workshops. No commitment – make the decision later!

About us

  • Stockholm

We have developed a powerful HR-systems, including functions for talent management. We call this system Verismo HR, and with it, we help our customers to minimize administrative HR, increase the strategic work and succeed to become an attractive workplace. Delivered as a SaaS-system we are always at the front of new technology and can help our customers to be up to date.

Verismo HR is focused to help HR in their work, but also provide executives and staff with the necessary tools to be updated and work more efficiently. Build by four different configurable modules we give organizations the possibility to grow together with the system and use it in the way they find profitable. Thanks to the delivering as a SaaS-system we are able to make quarterly updates with new functionality, and what we do is highly depending on our customer’s needs. We create a practical solution, why our customer relations and close collaboration is our biggest focus.

Our vision

“Through strong relationships and high understanding of the customer, we aim to develop a practical solution based on their reality, which helps our customers to create an attractive workplace.”

Our history

The duo Fredrik Wallén and Jonas Lindstrand had during several of years built systems for larger cooperation’s to help them become more effective. During 2008 they understood the large demand for HR-systems and Talent management software. Together with that demand, their experience in handling personnel and system knowledge they understood the great value the system was able to create.

Already in 2008, there was a great number of providers for HR-systems. However, according to the demand, the duo realized that no system really solved the actual problem. The systems were based in theory, not from the user’s practical perspective. The goal became clear, to create an adjustable HR-system which is based on practical reality. The founders saw their new system as shifting in the area. Where you go from the stories about how something should work, to how the reality actually works. Exactly as the genre Verismo shifted the literature to describe the truth, why the system got its name, Verismo HR.

Together with impartial HR-experts and their first customers in focus, they created Verismo. Three years later the interest growth bigger and during 2011 Verismo HR was launched to an open market. With the continued work with close customer collaborations, the goal could be reached, a solution based upon reality. And on that same path, with the customer in constant focus, Verismo has continued to develop!

Our team

Fredrik Wallén

Fredrik Wallén


Eva Ahlstén

Eva Ahlstén

Support Manager

Lucas Reppe Welander

Lucas Reppe Welander

Frontend Developer

Charlotte Johansson

Charlotte Johansson

Head of Operations



Frontend Developer

Elin Ekeberg

Elin Ekeberg

Customer & Support Coordinator

Jonas Lindstrand

Jonas Lindstrand

Head of Development

Johanna Jönsson

Johanna Jönsson

Marketing Manager



Mood Associate

Isa Gustafsson

Isa Gustafsson

Project Manager

Alexander Pavlovic

Alexander Pavlovic

Sales Representative



Mood Manager



– We are extremely satisfied with the system which is easy to use and saves time and money for us, says Anne Charlotte Billing, HR Manager at Apollo.
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– Integrating systems is always a challenge. Verismo HR has provided very strong support during the process, says Petra Börjesson, Integration Architect at Paulig Group and project manager of the integration of Verismo HR.
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