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When you use Verismo HR as an HR system, we integrate with your current and future IT systems and create a seamless and efficient handling of master data.

With integrations, you avoid duplication of work and avoid entering the same information in several systems – this is done automatically instead.

Payroll systems, AD, SSO, recruitment and time reporting systems are examples of customers’ usual integrations.

What is an integration?

An integration means that one or more independent systems are connected and automatically send selected information and data to each other.

It is often based on one system, Master, which works towards the other systems’ different interfaces and IT structure.

The connections between the systems can look different and can send different requested data.

Example of integration between Verismo HR and a payroll system

When managing the employee’s life cycle processes in Verismo HR, all data is administered in one place and automatically forwarded to the other systems.

A practical and common example is when an employee is hired and created in Verismo HR, data is sent over to the payroll system and includes, for example, personal data, start date, department, manager, salary, benefits, etc.

And since there is an integration, the payroll department doesn’t have to fill in the information, the integration will handle it by placing the data in the fields of the payroll system.

No more password?

Another system – another username and password to remember? No, with the Single sign-on method, SSO, the user’s authorization and authentication are handled through integration and means that users only need to log in once to gain access to the system.

Partners and integrations

Verismo collaborates with other suppliers to jointly add overall value to our clients. We know that access to a complete digital ecosystem to cover their needs, both generates value for the client, as well as the system vendors we choose to work closely with. We therefore believe that the goal of the collaboration will save time and simplify for clients and generate business opportunities for our suppliers

Our partners

GetAccept is an online e-signature and contract management platform that enchances the capabilities of HR personal. Together with Verismo and GetAccept we are able to offer our customers the possibility to digitally collect signatures for employment contract. To GetAccept

QBIS is a digital time reporting and project management system that helps companies become more efficient by automating administrative work. We help you minimize manual errors and create a more time-efficient payroll management and invoicing, so you can spend your time right! To QBIS

Scrive provides a solution for e-sign, their platform sends out invites, collects the signatures from any device, and secures the completed document. With Scrive’s e-sign solution Quinyx are able to offer their customers the opportunity to optimize their HR processes through e-signing employment contracts. To Scrive

With the staffing system SwedeTime Go, scheduling, staffing, communication and administration become both more fun and more efficient. Choose from functions such as SMS booking, time reporting, analysis and follow-up and adaptation systems according to your needs. To SwedeTime

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