Realize the dream of an attractive workplace by giving HR staff and managers the right tools. An HR system opens up the opportunity to work strategically and efficiently as processes are automated and security increases. This in turn will simplify everyday life and create a committed organization.


When new customers contact us, it is often a matter of them first and foremost needing to structure their master data.

It is about gaining control over their organizational structure, gathering employee information in one place and leave unclear and uncertain documents without access right control.

The modules Organization and Employees enable exactly this and that is why we call it Core, the center of the system. Core creates a seamless automated life cycle with processes such as hiring, onboarding, job change and exit.


The need of an HR system is different for companies and can be change over time.

The focus and direction regarding internal HR work also looks different; maybe you handle many internal courses with important certificates, or you work with a clear talent and performance management linked to bonuses and incentives.

Does the payroll need to have a better system structure or is it desirable to have a smooth holiday and absence management?
Verismo HR is based on your needs when we customize the solution and therefore the system is scalable with the aim of implement modules together with your development.