Can an HR system improve your relationship with a new employee?

The answer is: absolutely!

An HR system can help you create a smooth onboardings for your new employee. And that will lead to strengthened relationship between you.

A manager has a lot to keep track of when it comes to hiring, all between office space, introduction and keys to the office. In an HR system this will be smoother onboardings with checklists, notifications and information pages.

For the employee it can be a lot of information to read, attachments that you have to go through. Also, you must not forget that the new employee should feel welcome. How can you make all of this as easy as possible? And can it be crucial for how long an employee stays at the company?

kvinna hjälper man med onboarding i HR-system


When the employment contract is signed, you as the manager have a great opportunity to influence the new employee’s first time at the company. Often even before the first day, the employee is very curious and wants to learn information about the new company. This is something you should take advantage of. By sending out the company’s history, policies, and why not an invitation to an after work? Besides that, the first day at work will be a little bit easier compared to starting from scratch.


To make sure that the new employee will feel as welcome as possible, everything should be in order by the first day. If the employee needs a computer to work, there should be one in place, with a password and an email address ready. Also, other things that should be in order, like keys, work equipment, instructions and other things that is needed to be able to work.

The first thing that you should do is to do a greeting round, to say hi to all of the new coworkers. Try to make sure that all the employees know that there will be a new coworker. So that everyone is there to welcome and make the new employee feel welcome. After that you can have a meeting to get started, and tell the new employee about the company, and about the new role. In the beginning of the employment, it’s really important to make a good first impression. That can be crucial if the employee will stay at the company or not.

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Onboarding within the company

An internal onboarding is when an employee is getting a new role at the company. When changing role, the employee might need to participate in new courses or get a new certificate. That can also mean that the employee gets a new manager and needs to be introduced for the new role description. It’s important that the employee is feeling welcomed at the new department or team. Even though the recruitment is within the same company, there might be some new coworkers. So, we’d recommend a greeting round here as well.

How can a HR system help you with the onboarding?

There are a lot of things to keep track of when hiring a new employee, because all you want is to get a good preboarding and onboarding.

To create a smooth onboardings, you need a HR system. When using a HR system, you as a manager will have access to create both checklists and receive notifications. By using the checklists you’ll reduce the risk of forgetting something and getting a notification when something is going to happen or if something is going to be done. These checklists can be saved, so that you can use them the next time an employee will be hired.

Another practical part, when using an HR system is that the employee can use the HR system before the first day. It can for example be good for the employee to read the employment contract before the first day which is possible with digital sign, so that the employee can read it in peace and quiet. The employee can also get more information about the policy at the company, history and other important information about the company. Also, to get to see the names and pictures of the coworkers, which can be a really helpful part for the ones that has difficult with names and facial recognition. All of this is included in the preboarding, and it will be taken care of itself as long as the new employee gets access to the HR system! And believe me, your new employee would like to have all this information.

This is of course something for the employees that is changing their role within the company as well!

Fun fact om onboarding checklistor notiser

Fun Fact

It’s a 69% more likely that an employee is staying at the company for more than 3 years if there was a structured onboarding. To have a digital onboarding will give the company a possibility to not miss out on initial information or tools. And with a HR system, you can create a smooth onboarding. All work equipment will be at its place, meetings will be planned, and the introduction will be successful, every time!

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