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The organization module, together with the Employee module, is the Core of Verismo HR. The organization module handles master data needed for our various processes, which includes organizational structures as well as hiring, onboarding and exit processes.

The organization module handles settings for access rights, report paths and search functions, as well as administration of work equipment, employment contracts and certificates. You will also find reports on master data such as head count, employment, terminations, organizational changes and salary.

Organizational chart

With the organization chart, you get an overview of the organization and the relationships between its various departments or management levels.
You can also see who the department manager and which employees is are included in each department.

Build your organization

Business Organization

The business organization shows how the business is structured and links employee positions to departments.
Build up the structure according to different companies, departments and subdivisions.
Get an overview through FTE and headcount from the highest level to each subdivision or unit.

Matrix structure

Verismo HR supports a traditional matrix structure with functions outside the business organization to which units in the business structure are connected. Managers in the connected unit report to the manager of the connected function.

Legal organization

The legal organizational structure deals with legal companies and their cost centers.

In each cost center there are employee lists and which employment belongs. Here you can create a structure that supports various companies within the Group and their cost centers.

Functional organization

The functional organization groups functions in which departments and positions in the organizational structure as well as cost centers and employees in legal companies are assigned.

Geographical organization

The geographical organizational structure refers to countries and places.
Countries contain the places to which departments and individual positions are assigned in the business organization.
Countries also have links to cost centers and legal countries.

Access rights and report paths

Access right is a complex concept that enables easy use. In a solution that manages organizations and people, it is crucial to be able to give the right people access to and responsibility for the right things and that users see what they need and nothing more.

Access rights is therefore handled both in breadth and depth, what the user is authorized to do and how much they are allowed to see. It is evaluated which units and persons a user has access to, and it is evaluated which part of information and tools they should have access to all the way down to field level.

How much of the information is available depends on the user’s relationship with the entity or person. The relationship provides the main authorization level which can then be modified with additional authorizations.

Included in the Organization module

Organizational structures

Organization chart

Report paths

Hiring process

Digital signing

Onboarding process

Job Change process

Exit process


Organizational change

Organization reports