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Performance management is primarily about pointing the organization in the right direction and getting all employees to work towards the same goal.
By working towards the same goal, it can also be easier for the individual employee to understand why his and her work is important and how it can affect the entire organization.

Set objectives

In Verismo HR’s performance management, the year begins with all managers and employees setting objectives and development plans for the employee.

Work with soft or hard objectives, set objective values or deadlines. Create activities for how the employee should get to the objective and what tools may be needed.

Follow up

During the mid-year review, you go through the objectives and comment on the current status.

In this way, it becomes clear to the employee what has gone well and what needs to be developed to achieve the goal by the end of the year.

Summarize the year and prepare for the next

At the end of the year, a major performance and development review is held where the employee has the opportunity to make a self-evaluation and respond to an overall employee survey.

Together with their manager, they also summarize this year’s objectives and evaluate the results that provide a basis for next year’s performance form.

Included in the Performance Module

Common business objectives

Individual business objectives

Overall performance review

Potential review

Objective library

Mandatory objectives include sub departments