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Challenging but realistic goals that the employee has been involved in setting increases both motivation and performance. Here you can implement goals from management level all the way through to individual level. To show how the individual’s performance and goals align with the organisation’s overall direction and vision is essential for the sense of importance.

Business Performance

Establish business goals and cascade across the entire organization, or make the goals eligible for each department. Create a target library with hard or soft goals that are monitored at different levels and link goals with financial results.


  • Objective cascading
  • Objective library
  • Financial results

Individual Performance

Select relevant business goals and set individual goals in relation to them. Comment on how the work progresses and update the status of the goals continuously. The employee answers relevant questions and can evaluate itself in comparison with the company’s values.


  • Set and review objectives
  • Development planning
  • Work with Values

Individual Development

Create development goals, add actions and when these will be completed. Assess and describe the employee’s future potential. Work on the development plan by evaluating the gap analysis and evaluate the development by the end of the year.


  • Set and review objectives
  • Achieve capabilities
  • Gap analysis

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