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The recruitment module in Verismo HR handles the entire process, from the need of a new colleague to signed agreement. In the process, you are supported in the selection process through publication, search, screening and evaluation.

Part of the process also handles open applications where you can advertise internally or externally, and candidates submit the application via their candidate profile or LinkedIn for review.

When the need arises

By following the flow step by step, you will create a recruitment request to be approved. You prepare the ad either by using ready-made templates or writing a new more suitable ad. Add mandatory questions to be answered in connection with the application and then publish internally and / or externally.

With reminders, no candidates fall between the seats

When handling and reviewing applications, you will find attachments, answers to mandatory questions, have the opportunity to evaluate the candidate and write comments to internal colleagues.

With our recruitment module, you can receive reminders to say yes or no to a candidate and easily send rejection emails to groups for a more efficient process.

The candidate is selected

Once you have selected a candidate, you offer the position by moving the candidate to the hiring process.

The hiring process is not part of the recruitment module, it belongs to the employee module, but the data is transferred to immediately start the hiring and offer contracts smoothly with digital signing.
Read more about the hiring process here.

We are responsible for ensuring that personal data is handled correctly in our entire system and this of course also applies to candidates in recruitment processes. Only necessary and relevant data will be available in the system, which applies to both open applications or a specific position. 

All inactive candidates are notified by email that their profiles will be deleted within a period of time if they do not log in. This also applies to the candidates who have been hired.

Included in the Recruitment module

Manage recruitments

Review candidates

Advertising templates

Email templates

Question templates

Recruitment administrator


Open application