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Salary review

Salary review are usually once a year and by automate them you will save time and get a well documented salary review.
No more spreadsheets, instead you will digitize the process and creating a flawless salary review.

Compare with previous years

In Verismo HR, the one who are responsible of HR and salary review will have access to the previous year’s salary review and will be able to compare it with this years. Exclude the employees that just got hired or those who already received a salary increase for other reasons. HR will also have access to salary revision report that will show information by country and date. Set hard or soft limits for how big the increase should be and then start the salary review for all managers.

The managers will get an overview of previous years´ increases for their employees.
When the managers are ready, the proposal is sent for approval. When all the employees have received a reported increase, the proposals are approved by the top manager, witch in turn creates a new compensation package that are sent to the integrated salary system.

We have made it easy for you

In Verismo HR, we have made it easy for HR to see how far in the process you have come with charts and tables. Clarity is important to us, as is confidentiality. You will be able to set up authorisation checks so only those who have access or are responsible for the salary review can see it.

Included in Salary Review module

Individual salary review

Collective salary review

Salary review proposal

Salary review reports

Process overview

Chain of approval

Settings per country, department or employee levels