Stop worrying about GDPR


The new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was implemented May 25th to protect personal data. The safety for individuals is increasing, but for those who work with personal data, challenges are created. So, how can companies and HR stop worrying about GDPR and the fine that follow with misuse of personal data? The HR-system Verismo HR will help you all the way, here we have listed three important functions that will ensure safety:

1. Choose deletion, anonymization or pseudonymization

Data for persons that have finished their employment can be managed in three different ways, this creates safety for both employee and employer.

2. Manage the data in the right way

Information about employees in the system, or candidates in a recruitment, should only be viewed for certain persons. This is why Verismo HR uses different competence degrees for every user.

3. Share information with external parties

Through Verismo HR the users can choose specific information which should be shared with persons who doesn’t have an account in the system. The person will get a code via SMS and the information will be visible directly in Verismo HR, in this way no information will be shared by email.

So, now you can stop worrying about GDPR and its consequences. Fill in the contact form to the right, and we’ll be happy to talk more about this and how we can help simplify for your business.

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