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Competence and talent management is about having the right person in the right place for optimal performance. Key competencies and high potentials are identified through talent review and which employees should be given priority is illustrated. By defining organisational roles, employees and teams can be matched in accordance with their competencies. Also knowledge gaps can be identified.


The employee’s Talent Profile collects information about education, language skills, completed and/or missing courses and certifications. The gap analysis shows the employee’s current and desired level of competence evaluated during a talent review.


  • Background and competencies
  • Capabilities review
  • Talent review

Career & Succession

Map employee’s career plan, record wishes and propose development opportunities. With succession planning, significant roles can be provide with both short-term and long-term solutions along with clear risk assessment.


  • Succession plan
  • Career plan
  • Risk assessment


Collect internal and external courses in a course catalog. Create a course occasion, be invited or apply for participation, add surveys or material before or during the course. Finish with outcome, results and feedback.


  • Course management
  • Attendee management
  • Outcome and feedback

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Core is the core of Verismo HR. Organisational structures, employee data, demographics and statistics.
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