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The talent module is a collection of integrated organizational processes that have been developed to attract, manage, develop, motivate and retain talented employees.

The goal of a Talent program is to create a dynamic, sustainable and performance-oriented workforce that achieves business goals.

Talent Profile

How do you attract, develop and retain the right employees? In Verismo HR, it aims to have the right person in the right place at the right time in the light of the business goals.
This means that the Talent programs have just as much value for the individual employee that may be developed and motivated, just as it is for the global company that can identify future leaders and attract talent through internal recruitment.

All employees receive a talent profile where they can add training and language skills and be assigned completed courses. Via the GAP analysis, the manager and employees get an overall picture of the current situation, which can be used in employee dialogues and performance reviews.

At Verismo, we work with role management in several areas

You create a job catalog with job families and roles with purpose, areas of responsibility, knowledge requirements, salary levels and other basic information. For an employee with a certain role most processes can be generated automatically.

The role can be linked to several different features and processes:

  • Onboarding
  • Career and succession
  • Required competencies
  • Required courses
  • Required certificates
  • Talent review
  • Performance review
  • Inventive and salary review

Competencies and certifications

In Verismo, you build your own competence and certification catalogs.
Competencies and certifications can be used to define requirements for job families and roles.

The competencies are used, among other things, in GAP analyzes as a basis for development and the certifications is used to ensure that employees are authorized to perform assigned tasks.
The certifications can have an expiration date with a reminder when it is time to renew.

Career and succession planning

For many employees, it is important to know that they have the opportunity to grow within the company and that there is a plan for their development.
Through career planning, managers and employees can set up long-term goals with tasks on how to succeed.

In the same way, companies need to plan if and when key positions are replaced.
It can be short-term and long-term solutions, with internal or external people.

The module provides tools to:

Identify future leaders

Identify potential

Internal recruitment

Retain important employees

Attract talent