With a silver medal on the Universum Employer Branding Award for their Turnaround, the travel company Apollo proudly tell you about the journey they made together with Verismo HR and Scrive to today being an agile company that is far ahead in IT development.

In 2015 Anne Charlotte Billing started as HR manager at Apollo, a time when the company was still using time clocks at the office. One of her first projects as an employee was to change HR system, and selected Verismo HR.

-A solution that was twice as good and half as expensive as our previous HR system, says Anne Charlotte.

She continues:

-Previously, many errors could occur, much because information was retrieved from several different sources. That meant that we couldn’t feel really safe, but we do today, and everything is managed automatically so we can spend time on things other than administration. Instead, we are investing more in education and having a direct dialogue with our employees even though they are spread around the world.

One of the major problems Apollo encountered was to sign employment contracts. They employ several hundred people a year and in very varied roles, where a large number are seasonal employees. People who will be given a large number of documents to work abroad and whose start and end date may change. To solve, this type of problem, Verismo HR and Scrive developed a collaboration for e-signing agreements and documents.

Through Verismo HR and Scrive, you can manage the entire hiring process automatically entered into employment contracts and signed by the right person, thus solving Apollo’s administrative workload with employment contracts.

Anne Charlotte tells:

-I’m very pleased with our hiring process, where we have managed to shorten the times a lot. Today we can be much more flexible and work with self-service so that our employees can focus on the right things. The process has been so smooth that we won recruits to be able to send off an employment contract digitally, with the right information, immediately when we met with an interesting new person. The digital hiring process in Verismo, together with the integration into Scrive for digital signing, helps us to be the modern and attractive workplace we are.

Being able to offer a completely digital life cycle is Verismo very proud of. Together with Scrive it is now possible! Verismo HR can offer an HR system that facilitates both administrations, but also the development of a company’s staff. That automates and digitizes HR work to the maximum.

*This article is written by Scrive

Modules Apollo uses in Verismo HR:


Core of Verismo HR. Master data, organizational structure, holiday and absence.

Manage compensation and benefits for strategic compensation management.


Set challenging but realistic goals that increases both motivation and performance.