Work strategic – Not administrative


Countless of Excel spreadsheets, Word templates, and printed onboarding checklists – do you recognize yourself?

Administrative tasks occupy 73% of the time for HR-departments, while they could have worked strategically instead. With strategic HR the chances to employee commitment increase – which then leads to 21% higher profitability and 37% lower absence, and that’s just two examples. Verismo HR is to be integrated with your other systems which decrease administration a lot, but besides that, we are now showing two functions which enables you to work with strategic HR instead of administrative:

Strategic work

1. Digital onboarding

It’s 69% more likely that employees stay in your organization for three years or more if they have had a structured onboarding. A digital onboarding gives organizations the possibility to remember all the important information and tools an employee needs before the first day, on the first day and in the first months.

All the work equipment is in place, the meetings are booked, and the introduction is successful every time!

2. Role-based system

Staff information and processes in digital, integrated system eliminate duplication in work. When these processes are automatic and customized per employee, you’ll get maximum use them. Verismo HR is a role-based system, meaning that depending on the role a person has all the information and processes are customized, automatically. The role determines the competence requirements, responsibilities or the onboarding, for example.

Verismo HR provides you with automatic processes, digital onboarding and we’ll create integrations to your current systems. Now you can minimize the ineffective administrative work and focus on the necessary, strategic work!