Who we are

Verismo Systems is a group of system developers, HR specialists, finance consultants and project managers who together form a skilled unit with the ability to provide solid yet flexible talent management solutions. Thanks to the experience we have within system design we can work closely together with our clients in regards to configuration specifics, when delivering our solution.

what we do

We provide solutions for all types of clients, from large to small, each with their own needs. Our talent management tools are adaptable and can form a simple solution or something more comprehensive for the larger companies. The solution can of course be integrated with existing systems, for example payroll. Give us a call to see if we have previously integrated with the systems used by your company, chances are we have.

“We are your everyday business. ”

Fredrik Wallén, CEO

“Why do Java developers wear glasses? - Because they don't C#”

Richard Furberg, Senior System Developer

Verismo HR is a talent management solution that helps organisations structure, optimise and streamline their work and results. Customer driven development has made Verismo HR a talent management system well connected to reality and with visible results. Examples of what our solutions can do for you can be found on the module page further below. Core HR is mandatory and all the others are easy to add and combine for maximum effect.

Our solutions support your business, show organisational charts and minimize the distance between colleagues. They are utilised to create continuity with the performance dialogue, help spreading goals and values and to evaluate colleagues. Smooth integrations with existing payroll systems, combined with for example our absence module and bonus calculations also makes it easy to get an overview for each employee, department and/or business area. Verismo HR makes it possible to extract reports that show the current state of your organisation in real time. You can select the contents of these reports based on the modules and data you have chosen for your specific solution.

Look and Feel

Verismo HR has a simple and accessible design. Click the pictures below to get a feel of what using our solution may be like.

We believe in flexibility. Our clients operate in a large number of business areas and employ from barely a hundred up to several thousand staff. Due to the different areas of business they operate in, they all have individual needs and potential. Verismo HR is easily adapted to current organisational structures and processes and therefore also attracts clients who have a complex hierarchy and unique employee structures. What all our clients have in common is the desire to improve their talent management work in a conscious and contemporary way.


And Three Stories


To be able to implement a new solution into a large organisation you need a plan. There are often several systems to be integrated and client specific adjustments to be made. Verismo HR consists of separate modules, each of which can be seen as its own project, with its own implementation plan and stages. When a system is this comprehensive there are a lot of advantages to a step-by-step implementation, especially for the client as they get the opportunity to learn the solution on a smaller scale before implementing the full functionality.

Our projects start with an analysis of the client’s demands and needs and then subsequent workshops. This forms the basis of an exact specification of the solution and its contents where exceptions and any additions are highlighted. The specification defines expectations and to a certain extent the implementation process in regards to time scales and resources early on in the project.

During the whole process our Project Manager supports the client and provides guidance on what material is to be delivered to Verismo Systems at what point. This builds an ongoing dialogue which helps avoid misunderstandings and creates an end result which often exceeds expectations.

Verismo Systems is an agile organisation. We believe that a company where employees are given responsibility and are encouraged to contribute becomes a fun place to work. We welcome discussions and ideas and we always want to be perceived as flexible, accommodating and professional.

At Verismo Systems we put great energy into delivering what is asked and some more, going the extra mile. An important key to our success is that we listen and provide an excellent service and we strive to carry this with us as we grow. Happy clients mean more clients and together we can build a better talent management solution.


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